Pulsatillas! will be lying dormant for 12 months from July 31 2019. Visit this website and our Facebook page at the end of July 2020 to find out what we'll be doing next..

Introducing the performers

Two for the road...

  • Pulsatillas! Sarah Harrison

    Sarah Harrison has been a successful novelist for more than forty years and counting. But scratch a writer and you'll find an entertainer… Sarah always wanted to put on a show of her own so Pulsatillas! is the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition.

    She has recently ventured into stand-up with some success, and can carry a tune given a strong enough vehicle and expert back-up.

    You are welcome to visit my novel website.

  • Pulsatillas! Ros Holbrow

    Ros Holbrow wanted to teach music from the age of twelve. For seven years she taught music at the London College of Music Junior Music Department. After a period of peripatetic teaching she now teaches piano, clarinet and saxophone from home.

    As well as Pulsatillas! Ros is a regular performer with fellow professionals John Witchell and Danielle Young in aid of the charity Khandel Light, among others. Her calm adaptability is legendary.

  • Visit our events page for details of upcoming performances.

Pulsatillas! have recently acquired a priceless asset, David Jackson, technical and sound wizard, uber-roadie and all-round good egg, who ensures that for full concerts and bigger venues we'll be sounding our best.