Pulsatillas! will be lying dormant for 12 months from July 31 2019. Visit this website and our Facebook page at the end of July 2020 to find out what we'll be doing next..

What we do

Life, love and laughter

Pulsatillas! Our Performance

Pulsatillas! present a revue - a fast-moving, entertainment comprising songs, poems and patter, mostly full-on comedy, but with a dash of pathos.

Satisfied audience members have described us variously as 'Flanders and Swann with an edge' and 'extra-Fascinating Aida' - but mostly we're proud of our freshness and originality.

Pulsatillas! Our Performance

Apart from one or two customised traditional tunes, the words and music you'll hear are all our own.

From the sublimely silly Kitchen Calypso, Doghouse Blues and Carmen for Kids, to wistful ballads like Let's Dance, Just Be Yourself and Lonely Lullabye, we guarantee you'll be moved to laughter and the odd tear. And we have new material coming on stream all the time, so the repertoire's always developing.